More Old CD Notes Unearthed

I've been cleaning out all my digital files and recently found a folder with all the Holiday CD notes and artwork.  It was kind of fun to look back on them all as a group. Below are some random liner notes, playlists, and cover photos.

Liner notes from one of the first back in the 90s:

Christmas really is about the baby, and not just the one in the manger  who started all this celebrating, but the baby that you once were; the one who wouldn't go to sleep because the anticipation of Santa was too much - Or the babies you raised and put to bed your self on Christmas Eve -  Or your now grown up babies -  Or your four legged fur babies - Or even the baby you plan to snuggle with after everyone else leaves (Or the one you at least want to catch under the mistletoe!)

So, whoever your baby is, tell them I wish them a very merry Christmas!

I'm not really sure why the text overlays won't show up - other than the fact that these were all done in a now antiquated graphics program. Without the text these just look like family pics and the whole point of the title theme is lost. Hmmm... Perhaps I'll post the track lists later because some of them were hilarious! You always knew what kind of year Jules had based on the theme of the Holiday CD - and some years were pretty hardcore! 

"Suck on This Santa!"  (2001)
"Don't Decorate the Baby!" (2011)
"Don't Decorate the Baby!"
back cover

"My Okie Christmas Soundtrack" (1998)
"Whatever Happened to Barbie Dolls and Ponies?!" (2004)
Back inset detail from
 "I'll Be Home For Christmas" (2002)


Jen said…
Hey I have all of those cds! Did ya do one for 2013 cause I didn't get that one?
Anonymous said…
How do I get on the list?
Pam said…
i remember when we took those punk rock pics. good times!