I Rode a Racehorse!

Today I rode an actual racehorse! My seat was bad, my heels didn't always stay down and if I had dimes between my thighs they would have been lost before we even left the paddock. But with the beautiful creature on the left's help I DID IT!

It has been well over 2 decades since I sat on the back of a horse. I did ride an elephant a few years ago ... but I digress.

I was scared. Not just because I was out of practice, but also because of an astrology chart done over 30 years ago that ended with the omen "grave hurt by large animal."  That's pretty much the reason I quit riding in the first place. See, when LD was born I suddenly became a lot more diligent about things like wearing my seatbelt and avoiding potential bear maulings. Since public transportation is the closest I'll ever come to roughing it, and I don't camp or really spend any time at all outdoors (shut up!) my chances of being brutalized by wildcats or devoured by wolves is pretty remote. I don't attend circuses or visit zoos and when the bulls were in the building at work I made it a point to avoid the service level. All in all I thought I had this grave hurt/large animal thing sussed.

But I have missed riding. I didn't realize just how much until I climbed in the saddle on a beautiful Oklahoma morning.  The sun was bright; the breeze was cool; the unmown fields were actually amber colored and waving, and my best friend was beside me. It was perfect.


                            Oh yes, and there were chickens.... lots and lots of chickens!

Thanks Muller!
p.s. Your chickens are fighting again!
So ....considering I rode a racehorse and lived to tell the tale perhaps this whole "large animal" thing is just superstition? You still won't ever catch me camping though. I mean, why tempt fate, right?