CD Nostalgia

I recently found some old CD artwork and notes. These are from a CD I made for my nephew years ago when he was just a baby.  Clearly I was not very sophisticated in my choice of fonts - lol!

Front Cover:

... take your bath brush your teeth put on jammies kiss dad kiss mom say prayers

get tucked in hug your pillow close your eyes one more drink of water retuck ...

Back Cover:

I   Need   Some   Sleep  Eels  Pure  Imagination  Maroon  5
Junk   Paul McCartney   I  Will  The  Beatles   Ku-U-I-Po
Elvis   Presley   Come   Rain   or   Shine   Frank    Sinatra  
A   Dream   is  a  Wish   Your   Heart  Makes   Bette  Midler
Somewhere   Over   the   Rainbow    IZ     Blackbird    Sarah
McLachlan    Beautiful   Boy   (Darling  Boy)  John Lennon
French   Waltz    Nicolette   Larson   The   Water  is   Wide 
James   Taylor    Mull    of   Kintyre   Paul    McCartney
Surround  Me   Ben Taylor Band   Landslide. Dixie Chicks
Crazy Love Van Morrison  Sweet Baby James James Taylor

Recorded Especially for Harrison by Aunt Julie
Good night, sweet dreams,  and I love you
©Bleeding Heart Productions 2002