I Have Two Homes

The 10 Best Things About Tulsa
1. CHEAP Real Estate
2. QT
3. Running into someone you know no matter where you go
4. Swan Lake
5. Braum's Market
6. Oil Mansions
7. Downtown
8. Lunch with the "gramps" at ABears
9. Rainy nights
10. It will always be home

 The 10 Best Things About DC

1. The Metro
2. The feeling you  get standing in the middle of the National Mall
3. Kogod Courtyard
4. Ben’s Chili Bowl
5. The smoothies in the upstairs corner of Union Station
6. Parades
7. Kogod Corner Market NW E & New Jersey
8. The dollhouse in the Museum of American History
9. Cleveland Park
10. That my best DC friend's last name is Love ... seriously, it is!