My Own Definition of Love

Some say love requires commitment.  I think it is quite the opposite.

Love is a fluid choice; one you make an infinite number of times – though if you are truly blessed it is always the same person.

I have loved someone enough to allow them to walk away even though I possessed the power to say “don’t” … or “stay” … or other sincere words like and “love” and “need” … how very badly I needed him to make me feel safe; to continue to be the only person I ever trusted to protect me.  But in that moment love meant goodbye.  Ironically, I have chosen to love the same way many times over.  And that is ok because love is not about what you need or they need; or what is right or wrong.

It is loving someone so much that in the end, just having been loved is enough. To have shared the moments; to have felt their heartbeat at your cheek at the exact moment in your life when you needed to feel life; to share the same breath with him when you couldn’t breathe alone; to take all of him deeply in and with the exhale say goodbye.