Speaking of Sophie

In my last post I mentioned that I related to the character of Sophie on HBO's In Treatment so much that her last few sessions had me in tears. It was like watching my own teenaged self going through therapy - which I probably should have. Abandoned by dad, depressed mom, feeling responsible for everything, acting defiant ... I swear the writers of this show found my diary from when I was 16. I wasn't a gymnast, but I did have red hair and I was in a motorcycle accident and I did OD. Hell, I even once bought a brass sailboat for Rick. I didn't have a therapist, but I did find a priest who met with me in his office once a week one summer. *sigh* "What did I do?" I still ask myself that question to this day.

Watch this video and then comment to let me know if Sophie made you cry too.

Also, in case you've ever wondered what I was like at 16, well, here ya go!


Anonymous said…
Im sorry, she didnt make me cry. I will watch it some more.. i like this show and wonder if it is on netflix.

Yellow Dog said…
eh - Maybe it's just me then. LOL!