Life After Lay Off: Week 5

Part my job used to involve talking with random people who would call the firm because they wanted to to sue someone, so I’m fully aware that we live in a litigious society. It still came as a surprise the number of attorney friends who suggested I file a wrongful termination suit.

It seems that laying off someone over forty, while retaining younger employees with less seniority is frowned upon by the EEOC. The fact that everyone else in my office who was laid off was also over forty left the firm vulnerable to a discrimination claim. And then there’s the fact that the day before lay offs they hired three new kids – one just out of high school. These were “favour” jobs, with no real duties, given to the sons and daughters of Shareholders or important Clients. It’s always been a tradition to hire kids like this, but you’d think that when you're also laying off people with families to support that tradition might need to end.

But you know what? It’s not worth it. Lawsuits are a pain in the ass – trust me, I know. And taking on one of the largest, most prestigious firms in this state would not exactly be a cakewalk. I figure karma will work it all out without my help.

I do, however, have to laugh when I hear a certain local political candidate preaching a platform addressing unemployment when I know for a fact that the firm that just laid me off donated at least three times my annual salary to their campaign.

For the first time in my life I may vote Republican.


Brad said…
I'm losing my faith in karma. Um, is that an oxymoron?
Anonymous said…
NOOOOOOOOO!!! Never vote republican!!!!
Rob said…
Forget the lawsuit just spread the word. There rep is already well known. I dont even know anyone who still refers to them. I know I dont.