Life After Lay Off : Week 3

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Two applications a week.

That’s all that is required to receive unemployment. Never mind that it’s only a few hundred a week. It’s all the income you have right now.
You search the newspaper, the internet, and corporate websites for jobs. You even check the student job board of your alma mater – though it’s been years since you graduated.

You send out a couple of resumes for jobs you don’t even really want.

You find a job that is perfect for you and you are surprised at how excited you feel about the opportunity. You shine up the resume, write a killer cover letter and prepare your answers to likely interview questions. You mentally inventory your wardrobe and plan what you will wear to work at your fabulous new job. You polish your interview shoes. You get a haircut.

You don’t get the job though, because despite all of the aforementioned you never bothered to send the resume because the little voice inside your head reminded you that you’re not good enough. Why? Because if you were then the employer you had devoted the past 8 years of your life to; the job you loved; the firm you were proud to work for … they told you so. Remember?

You schedule an appointment with your therapist because you still have 2 weeks left of insurance coverage.

And because you are falling apart.


Rob said…
Its not you who wasnt good enough. Everyone knows how that place works. They use people and buy politicians to get ahead.