For Dev and Muller!

Also the only goat to ever grace the hallowed halls of the University. 

The Pony Pasture! It was worth falling asleep drunk in Muller's bed in the barn-house just to be able to wake up and see this beautiful sight in the morning.

That's Polly - the coolest Cobb in the pasture - and her baby, Veronica with Amy (?) and Tom - the Bart Simpson of horses who used to chase me and try to bite my ass!

Rev - the pony that tried to kill me! Yes he did! Shut up Muller! I still keep his shoe over my front door to remind me of my narrow escape from death.

Am I correct that this is Rev too? I think it is, but I don't remember.

The only time Muller and I have EVER exchanged harsh words was when trying to load a pony in the trailer and Muller got mad when I let go in order to keep from amputating my right arm. I don't remember which horse, but I know it was a looooong and silent ride home in the truck that day. It was also the LAST horse show I ever offered to "help" with. Sorry Muller, but Tony's right - you can be a bossy bitch!


Dev said…
OH Lyle!!!!

LMAO I still remember the stories you would tell me. BWAHAHAA. Loved this blog. Oh the life you have lived! Keep em comin'!
Paula said…
A goat at the uni? Do tell!
Yellow Dog said…
Muller and I smuggled him in so a poetry professor, who was also a dear friend, could use him as a visual aid in a discussion of Cummings poetry.

Thanks for commenting, Paula!