22 Reasons I will Always Love Double D

1. He gets just how cool robots really are

2. He can be Ward Cleaver when he has to

3. He answered some of the "hard" questions during LD's preteen years

4. He still rocks the bass

5. He still remembers the sharkskin suit we bought at a thrift store in 1983

6. He stood in the front yard in the rain with me the night my cat got out and let to me cry it all out - even though he doesn't even really like cats

7. Even though the kids went through a phase of standing outside the bathroom door to harass him every time he went to do his business he never killed either one of them

8. He really does love being a dad

9. The kids and I can still easily embarrass him

10. Even though the bitch neighbor complained every single day he refused to quit parking in front of her house solely because that's where the shade was. And when she cut her tree down just to spite him he didn't flaunt his victory.

11. He always has exactly what is needed no matter how obscure. Firecrackers in December? Check! Emergency drain snake? Check! Black spray paint? Vinyl copy of an obscure album? Door handle for a 50 year old Buick? Probably! I'm pretty sure he even had a Midol in his glove box one time when we were out and I was bitchy.

12. He can drive a station wagon with 2 screaming preteens in the back seat and completely tune them out.

13. He actually cared enough to learn how to properly launder a bra

14. He remembers to make sure the car has gas if it's gonna snow overnight

15. He loathes camping and sports as much as I do

16. Even though he might say, "that's weird" he'll still usually do it

17. When he's being a complete dick you can usually turn him around with cake

18. He's fallen completely in love with his dog - to an almost ridiculous eye rolling degree

19. He can be cleared from any room by simply uttering the word "tampon"

20. Two words: Bell's shoes

21. He loves our weird little family just as much as I do.

And most importantly:

22. He's willing to share his daughter with me!


Anonymous said…
Lucky guy!
Yellow Dog said…
I would argue that I am the lucky one in this scenario. I almost can't remember a life without Muller & Double D.

Thanks for your comment!