More Books

I just finished reading Susan Nash's I Never Did Tell You Did I? It's an interesting glimpse into the life of a woman just trying to deal with life. I have had the pleasure of taking classes from Dr. Nash and she is an awesome instructor whose passion for writing inspires.

Do board books count even though I am old? I just added two adorable board books to my collection: The Story of Rosa Parks and the The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. I'm not really sure why they chose the board book format, as the stories are written for about kindergarten level, but they do offer a concise biography of the subjects.

Tonight in Barnes & Noble I found a first edition of Irving's latest novel, Until I find You, on the clearance table for five bucks! That made me really happy, as it completed (to date) my Irving collection. Well, sort of. I refuse to acknowledge Son of the Circus, which reamins the only book that ever bested me. I absolutely could not stand it enough to read even half of it. And Irving is one of my top three favourite authors! So, I choose to pretend said book does not exist.

Last, but definitely not least, I just finished reading Lee Iacocca's fall 2007 release, Where Have All the Leaders Gone? I don't really do book reviews, but DAMN, I don't know what is to fault about this book. I think everyone should buy it, read it and be inspired! I don't know much about Iacocca, so he may just be another evil suit, but what he says in this book is dead on.

That's about it. I won't bore you with the Sociology texts I must read for school or the cat behaviour books I am reading in an effort to help (meaning: not strangle) the Most Patient Cat in the World.