This Year I Really Will Keep Track of My Reading!

In an effort to keep track of all the books I read in 2008 I am going to at least list them here as I finish them.

Thus far I have (re)read Little House on the Prairie – my favourite book as a child! It is one of the few that I reread every year just for old times sake. From the ages of 7 through 12 I wanted to be Laura Ingalls and to live on the prairie. That's right. Me - the city gal who now freaks any time a wall socket is not clearly accessible. Laugh all you want, but if only the Amish had been a bit more inviting on those summer family trips of my childhood I would have stayed with them. I could have had 14 kids and instead of writing in this blog right now I'd be canning! Beets even!

But alas, the Yoder farm only sold us eggs and baked goods and never invited me to stay, so here I remain, all "of the world."

Also read: More than Noise: The Philosophy of Punk (take that Amish!) by Craig O’Hara. It was a Christmas gift from Bojo. Thanks Bojo!

Next up: The Agony and The Ecstasy.