No Resolutions, Just a New year

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions so much as I embrace the opportunities offered by a new year. I like beginnings: blank sheets of paper, Mondays, the first of the month, the beginning of a semester, the first stage of falling in love, empty rooms and blank walls. So much opportunity when you start from scratch!

This year is starting out well, which is easy enough to say when we're only two weeks in. By November I was pretty much done with 2007 and ready to start anew. For me, 2007 was a year of health crisis - from root canals to emergency surgery and most everything in between.

It was also a year which included a poorly thought out relationship which, thankfully, I regained my senses enough to end. It was fun while it ... no, scratch that, it wasn't ever really even that much fun. It was as much my fault as his though, so don't think I am pointing fingers here. I wish him the best on whatever he chooses to do, I am just no longer willing to wait around to see what that is. On a positive note, I will take from that experience a new found love of walking ...and maybe, just maybe, walking will eventually turn into running!

Today I am excited about my studies, the new plantation blinds I hung in the dining room, my greatly anticipated new cellphone, the fact that I have reconnected with an old friend back east, and this summer's trip to Russia with Little Dog.

I am going to try really hard to make some positive changes this year so any good karma you feel like sending my way will be greatly appreciated!