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Well, I am skipping over The Agony and the Ecstacy because Brad Warner just turned me on to another book titled Thank You and Okay. It's a bit dated, but is about an American man's experience living in Japan and in a Buddhist monastery.

I also went to Border's last night and did serious damage to the bank account. Little Dog got 5 new mangas and I got the new issues of Mothering and Bust. I also got a huge book on Russian cooking (and culture); picked up a hardback copy of The Elements of Style to replace my worn out paperback from college; and bought the most currently revised edition of A Child is Born. In addition to these I purchased Your Life Buttoned Up from Life.doc. The inner obsessive compulsive in me loves organisational books like this! I only hope to find the time to actually make it work for me.

See, this is why I have to avoid bookstores. Books are my crack. I have about five heavy texts I need to be studying for school instead of reading fem/hippie mags or Buddhist memoirs.



Zilly said…
Brad warner is cool! Do you know him personally? Have you ever studied under him?
LaurenB said…
Thank you from the Buttoned Up team for your kind mention of our Life.doc on your blog about purchasing books at Border's. We hope that you have found the time to organize the most important parts of your life with the Life.doc. If your inner obsessive complusive drives you to be even more organized, check out our website ( for more products to help you "get buttoned up!"

Happy Organizing!
The Buttoned Up Team