Random Political Stuffs

It's not that I don't have opinions - believe me I have a TON of them. I have just had to back-burner the political me in order to focus on school stuffs. I think we have an amazing candidate selection and am not even going to venture a guess as to how it will all turn out. My dream? That would be an Edwards/Obama ticket. I love me some Obama, but I don't think he is quite ready. Give him 8 years in the VP slot and then let him drive. An Obama/Booker ticket in 2016 is my ultimate dream.

"But what about Hillary," you say? Well, I loved her until she ran for president. I do not like how she is running her campaign, though I do see how she is making it work. Sorry Hil', but I am never ever going to vote for over a quarter century of Bushes and Clintons running my country. I think it's cool that you're powerful woman and all, but you're not the gal for the job. And if your own pandering wasn't enough to turn me off, that of your supporters is. Ugh.

I was looking at the big three's websites tonight and found it amusing that both Edwards' and Clinton's locked up on me - after asking me repeatedly to register with them. Obama's, however, invited me in to look around and stay as long as I liked - without requiring me to add my name to the mailing list. Oh yeah, and he sells t-shirts too! Got Hope? Great slogan!

Anyway, obviously I won't be voting for Hillary in the primaries. If she should win the nomination I am not really sure what I will do. *sigh* Like many, I am anxiously awaiting the Iowa caucus results and then I'll probably have a lot more to say.

Until then, I would just like to remind the entire political machine that asking someone about their position or pointing out a contradiction they have made is NOT an "attack". Stop acting like a bunch of whiny babies every time someone directly asks you something! Just answer the damned question and let's further the dialogue!


Sister Sassy said…
I'm a big Edwards fan too, there's just something I like about him. Maybe it's his hair. But it seems more likely that'd he be a VP on a ticket that the lead with an Obama VP. But I like your idea.
Yellow Dog said…
I would like to see an Edwards/Obama ticket just to give Obama the chance to gain a lot more experience before taking the lead. Unfortunately Edwards seems to be almost out of the game at this point. I like Edwards b/c he is was a plaintiff's trial lawyer. They get a lot of bad press, but trust me, a trial lawyer understands what a devastating illnedd or accident can do to the average working man. They understand about health care costs and corporate accountability.
Yellow Dog said…
er... I meant illness. It's perhaps too late for me to be trying to type.