Get yer Motor Runnin'.....

What the hell do motorcycles mean in dream language?!

For the past three nights I have had dreams which involved me being the owner of a motorcycle - specifically, a red Harley.

Dream #1: I had taken my red Harley to the shop to have it painted black. When I went to pick it up they had painted it all hippie like with blue and yellow sunflowers. What the hell?! I was extremely pissed!

Dream #2: One of my best friends was telling me about how his wife had left him. My only concern was whether or not he would now let me take him for a ride on my Harley. (He has always been anti-motorcycle.) He agreed, but I then had to admit I did not know how to drive with a passenger.

Dream #3: I was happy to be riding my Harley to school, but when I got there I realized I had not been wearing my helmet and I was appalled at my forgetfulness. The school was also my grammar school and I was late.

What the hell do these freaky dreams mean?! In real life I could not care less about motorcycles. I have never driven one myself. The last time I even rode on one was over 10 years ago.

A coworker suggested the dreams mean I am looking for adventure in my life, but damn! The second 15 years of my life were pretty much nothing but adventure. Those days are behind me. Now all I am consciously looking for is some sleep!

So, if you have any idea what motorcycles in dreams mean let me know. These Harleys must somehow represent something that really does get my motor running.