She did it!

Hillary did it! She formally and officially announced!

I should be elated. I have long been a huge fan of the Clintons. I think Hillary is brilliant. As feminist, the idea of a woman as President rocks!

However, I am surprisingly unmoved by her announcement.

I think timing is everything and I just do not think we, as a country, are ready for Hil'.

I have always believed Hillary to be an ambitious woman, so in that respect it does not surprise me.

I also know she is a powerful woman, with the friends and the finances to make this happen.

But I have also always believed her to put the well being of the party first and foremost and frankly, I just do not think this is good for our party.

I have already stated my reasons in other posts, but to sum up: I don't think she can win.

I may eat my words. Hell, I may even completely change my opinion and pledge my sole support to her campaign.

Right now though, I just am not sure.