A Post for Muller

Life's been keeping me busy. It's almost Christmas and my brain is still stuck somewhere back around November 3rd.


But, since I promised Muller a picture here's a quick post.

Zombie Morning: Pre makeup or hair "biggening." Just sleepy nearsighted me.

Full on Zombie: You can't see my Bride of Frankenstein forehead beehive, or my yellow/green decayed fake teeth, but trust me. They were there. As were ornate Mexican silver earrings that were severely tarnished to an almost black. Damn I do good rotting flesh!

I was an awesome Zombie! I still can't believe I got beat out by a friggin' clown.



Anonymous said…
That might be the scariest thing I have ever seen. Perfect challenge for X-Treme makeover!
Anonymous said…
I think she's hot.