Just Stuff

So I am becoming obsessed with the traffic cams appearing on top of stop lights all over my city. Really obsessed. They actually kind of freak me out. I keep expecting to find wads of pink tickets in my mailbox. See, I have this habit of running lights. Because of these cameras, I have become aware of how often I do this. Now, each time I have to wonder, “Was that appropriate? Did it change after I entered the intersection? Did I get by with it?!” It is the not knowing that kills me

I am also becoming obsessed with the Tom Cruise baby theories being floated around. I have no real vested interest in the parentage of baby Suri, but I am riveted nonetheless. I just love it when a good conspiracy theory is presented. And you have to agree, Tom Cruise is one freaky mo' fo'.

Mail. People, it is an incredible thing to place a piece of paper in an envelope, write few words on the front and have it magically be PHYSICALLY delivered into the hands if its intended recipient. This magic, however, does not work if you are too stupid to write recipient’s name on the envelope. My firm employs 101 attorneys and at least as many support staff. So, sending us a letter addressed to “Attorney” is like sending a letter to the zoo addressed to “Animal.” Gads people, I never send anything anywhere without the name of my intended recipient being clearly stated. If it is relevant legal information I am sending to my own Attorney, whose firm only employs 6 attorneys, I still address it to him by full name. Sometimes I throw in the Esq.at the end because, hey, he's earned it.

But no, here we receive stacks of mail each and every day with incomplete addresses. Sometimes people send us original documents – like birth certificates or deeds. Sometimes people even go to the trouble of writing out the firm’s whole name – all six names spelled out with “A Professional Corporation” at the end. Some will do this and then add “Attorneys at Law.” Some do both and then add the name of the building we are housed in. What the fuck? You can address it to the building by name, but not the attorney?!

Perhaps my favourite is when someone sends cash or check and they fold it up in a piece of paper so it does not show through the envelope (lest those pesky mail thieves identify its content and go wild.) They take those precautions, but then address it only to “Law Firm.” The best part is when they then write "CONFIDENTIAL" in big bold letters. Argh.

What else can I rant about?

SUVs still piss me off. There is not a single new television show I am anxious to see. The cost of text books is astronomical and something should be done about it. Muller has not returned my calls and I am getting concerned. I feel guilty for postponing my mammogram for another month because I just do not have time right now. (I know Dr. Cobble, I do not have time for cancer either.) I finally met someone who made me feel really ignorant – I mean “Paris Hilton stupid” in comparison to them. Thankfully that does not happen very often, but it has left me smitten and intrigued. RB is being a complete ass – yet again.

And…it looks like our time is up, so I guess we will have to continue this next session.

My parting advice? Don’t forget to change your oil!