I don’t need therapy, I need money

Apparently if you have enough money you are allowed to be batshit crazy. (Like this! )

You can be a proponent for the drinking of blood and then get appointed as a UN ambassador – which then gives you a kind of “Gold Card” status when shopping for cute foreign babies.

You can jump on The Oprah’s couch and shoot lasers out of your hands. You can claim parentage to the
toupee wearing Asian adopted baby of a fellow actor and even give it a dumbshit name

You can also creep around in Spiderman masks and cover your kids with blankets – hell, you can even name them "Blanket" and dangle them from balconies.

You can host your own television show, go to jail for committing a felony and still be America’s idea of a
perfect hostess

But if you want to divorce a man who is addicted to coke and whoring around and who smacked you when you pointed out this was not good behaviour…well, then you need mandatory counseling to end the marriage.

If you choose not to continue a pregnancy when you’re 17 and have no means of support and no desire to become a parent...then you need counseling.

If you are 25 and you know you never want to have children so you ask for surgery to prevent this…you need counseling.

Is this fucked up or what?