Fluff and Banality - I Embrace You

I recently ran into an friend from college. We had engaged in many hearty political debates back in the days of Sysops and bulletin boards. I was always the go-to girl when it came to interpreting the current polls. He asked about my net presence these days and I directed him to this site. A few days later I got an e-mail from him in which he accused me of losing my mind - literally. He says my mind is gone.

He accused me of contributing nothing but "fluff" and "musings on banality."

Uh.. Okay, I have not held myself out as a political expert since the 2000 election. Why?

I. Got. Busy.

Yes, that is right, busy. The more mobile and social Little Dog became the less time I had. And let me tell you people: Being politically informed takes A LOT of time.

I no longer have the time to be outraged. Or even to be idealistic. I barely have time to keep the laundry done - much less keep up a laundry list of activities on The Hill.

I no longer have any idea what bills are in the house or senate at any given time - much less who wrote or sponsored them. I barely keep track of who's running for what any more. Hell, I've got too many schedules and PIN numbers and Dr's. appointments and flight itineraries to remember. There is only so much room in my brain. I have even had to forget a whole lot of pop culture trivia and obscure song lyrics just to make room for my current academic pursuits.

Okay, so not really, but my point remains the same: Life got in the way of my political pursuits.

And, if I am being completely honest, I have become disenchanted. I think in some ways the whole 2000 fiasco broke me. I still think we have not had a decent Democratic candidate since Gore, and I do not see one on the horizon. Many of my friends and colleagues are hoping for a very special announcement from Hillary. I, however, hope to hell not. I think it would be a terrible waste of opportunity - both hers and the party's. This country is NOT yet ready to elect a woman to the highest office in our land - especially not on the heels of this stupid war.
I kind of like the idea of a Obama/Clinton ticket, but I think both egos are too big to support each other.

So what does that leave? Nothing I am excited about.

And that is probably the real reason I have gone soft. American politics no longer excite me or inspire any passion.

So, my dear friend who still makes the time to care, I will look you up when I'm ready to jump back in. Until then, please continue to inspire those students whom you teach every day. Remind them to never trust statistics and to not pander to the polls. Bigger persons than them have been guilty of doing both and it has cost us our country.

And lastly, my friend, if you are ever in my neighborhood you should stop in. I will be happy to pick up our debate on health care reform right where we left off. I will just be folding laundry while we have it.


Tony said…
A mind is a terrible thing to waste on laundry, my friend. At least I didn't turn your own favorite insult against you and call you...pedestrian.