Little Dog's Expecting a Call

"Mom, I need a cell phone?"

"Do you have a thriving medical practice I am unaware of?"

"What are you talking about? No."

"Well, I just wondered if you "needed" this cell phone because your patients were complaining they couldn't reach you."

"Mom," eye roll, "Be serious."

"I am being quite serious. You're thirteen. Why on earth do you "need" a cell phone?"

"What if you need to get a hold of me?"

"Considering that 50% of the time you are WITH ME, 25% of the time you are in school and the other 25% of the time you are asleep I don't foresee a problem."

"But what if I am at a friend's and they don't have a phone?"

"You have friends in third world countries?!"

"Mom! You're not being fair!"

"You're right. I'm sorry."

"So you're gonna get me a cell phone?"

"No, I'm sorry to have raised you with the mistaken impression that life is fair."

"But all my friends have cell phones!"

"Great, so if I need to reach you then I'll call one of them."



I won this round!


Anonymous said…
Your stories crack me up!