Count your blessings. DO IT!

I do not know what is up with me lately. I have been riding the emotional roller coaster like a fat bearded guy on a Harley.

Or something.

Maybe I am just sick of people.

Like the guy who bought his 16 year old daughter a Hummer because he wanted her to be safe when she drives.

What the fuck?! That is like buying her a shotgun so she will be "safe" about sex. If the little brat cannot be trusted in a car then DO NOT LET HER DRIVE. For gawd's sake do not put her on the road in what amounts to a weapon so she can hone her driving skills around nice innocent people in sensible cars.

And while I am on the subject: If you are bitching about high gas prices and you drive an SUV... SHUT THE FUCK UP! You chose to drive that gas guzzling unnecessary monstrosity and I have no sympathy

Also, lose the attitudes people. In the grand scheme of things we have such a short time here on earth why waste it in an endless pursuit of newer/bigger/better/more?

I like my life, for the most part. I mean, could do with a bit more money because I like to pay my own way as much as the next guy, but over all I am pretty satisfied.

I have a great kid, a beautiful home and a couple of very personable cats. My friends have been my friends for decades and my job lets me wear Birkenstocks and wet hair when it is really hot. I do not need a husband (or even a boyfriend) but a familiar lover and a hotel room makes for a nice occasional diversion. My mechanic is funny AND honest...and so is my Attorney! My neighbors water my garden when I forget to and though my family sometimes makes me crazy I know almost any one of them would take a bullet for me.

My car starts every morning. I have high speed internet. I possess the requisite number of legs and arms and all my physical senses work properly. I have loved and I have been loved. I own an awesome library and an immense CD collection. I laugh frequently.

AND...I've been to Graceland.

All in all that is a pretty damned good life.

A friend of mine used to have an inside joke that when someone was whining to her she would interrupt to say, "I'm sorry, but do you have the tattoo?" This was reference to Auschwitz and the people who were numbered and tattooed like cattle, then sentenced to death solely because of their heritage. She felt that unless you had actually survived some of the true atrocities in this world then you really should shut up about the trivial.

(She also felt a good haircut could solve a myriad of life's problems, but hey.)

Not even on my worst day have I ever been physically tortured or condemned because of my race or religion. I have never had to steal to feed my family, nor have I ever been forced out of my home. I have never had to shudder in hiding or listen to bombs. I have never been beaten and raped just because I went for a jog. I have never had to sit in fear and wonder if my child would come home. I have never had to go into hiding because of something I wrote. I have never had my entire life scrutinized by my enemies and published on the front page of newspapers.

And neither have YOU.

We are all doing better than a whole lot of people in this world.

So, again, I say, Shut the hell up and celebrate your good life.

That is, unless you actually have the