Can I BE Cool in a Minivan?!

There had always been a part of me that felt like something was missing.

I mean, I was 42 years old and I had NEVER been to

That is practically un-American!

So, with that in mind, Furry's mom, Bojo, and I decided to take the kids to Memphis.


2 hip mammas trekkin' to the Rockabilly holy land with their boys...SQUEEE! My adrenaline was flowing just thinking about it. We would spend the entire fourth of July weekend (4 days) in the city that birthed rock-n-roll.

I planned the itinerary and Bojo was in charge of the hotel and car.

On the morning we were to leave she pulled up in a rented minivan.


If you know me at all you know I am not a minivan kind of gal. I knew a convertible was out of the question and I had immediately nixed the idea of an SUV (Grrrr....) I even took her seriously when she suggested an RV (Graceland RV park? Helloooo!) But no, she got a minivan.

I was going to make my rock-n-roll pilgrimage in a minivan?! Could I be any more uncool?

Let me just tell you that the biggest car I have ever driven was my little Nissan. I learned to drive in a Corvette. My first car was a VW.

Get the picture?

I felt like a freakin' trucker when I climbed into that thing. I could see into the laps of the people in the cars beside me. I wondered if I needed some sort of different class of license to drive it.

But, we loaded it up and buckled in.

Furry was thrilled with his built in car seat. Not only did it allow him to sit in the seat like a Big Boy right by the window, but, more importantly, it gave him a seat right next to Little Dog! We handed him a freshly filled sippy cup and he was content the whole way there.

This child was made for road trips!

I had burned plenty of cds to put us in the mood so the four of us seat danced all the way.

I must admit I learned to love that minivan. It was an incredibly smooth ride and amazingly FAAAAAAST! I have to admit I did 90 most of the way there. Not always on purpose either. I just drove like I always do, but apparently a new minivan will haul ass with little effort.

We made it in under 6 hours despite the fact Google told us it would take 7.

While we were there I welcomed the sight of our silver monster. It was easy to find on crowded parking lots; convenient to change a baby's diaper in and remarkably easy to maneuver on the crowded streets of downtown Memphis.

The stereo was even loud enough to drown out the screams of a cranky baby on the way back.

Heh heh.

While I will not (EVER) be purchasing such a vehicle, I must admit I will definitely consider renting one for the next road trip.

Next road trip......Mmmmmmmmmmm.......


Bojo said…
Indeed the minivan was the shizzle. I had fun with you and N. xo