Why To Do lists scare me

1. Finish painting the downstairs hall. Finally.
2. Take the donation clothes to Catholic Charities.
3. Drop off the dry cleaning.
4. Buy new tires for the car and get the oil changed.
5. Find the damned money to buy new tires for the car.
6. Work with Joey on the book proposal.
7. Read 2 issues of Bitch, 3 issues of Bust and the Utne - or at least pick them up off the bedroom floor.
8. Balance the checkbook for real and get rid of that fake negative balance I keep to trick myself into not spending money.
9. Put up the crown moulding in the kitchen
10. Return calls to Beth, Holly, Muller and, of course,
11. Edit the stack of poems on my desk.
12. Replant the the planter on the landing.
13. Figure out how to stop the cats from peeing in the planter on the landing.
14. Take cats for rabies shots
15./16. Get new glasses/Stop holding things at arms length and squinting to read.
17. Buy books for school - both mine and Little Dog's
18. Take the cans for recycling
19. Haircut?
20. Return Jen's long e-mail.
21. Write Robin a thank you note
22. Schedule massage
23. Pick out which picture to have framed for Joey's birthday.
24. Remind Joey to offer my photo work to Linda
25. Mat and frame latest prints.

Fuck it. I'll never get all this crap done. I'm going to bed.