100 Things About Me

I love to travel - especially road trips
I wish I was multi-lingual
I read an average of 2 books a week. (Usually it's a book a day.)
I am a poet
I always planned on going to law school, but things worked out differently
I am extremely loyal
I recycle
I am a Yellow Dog Democrat (Duh.)
I think bald heads are sexy
I ride English
I choose not to hate
I am fascinated by birth
I am inspired by ice skating
I've only been in love twice in my life
I am Irish Indian
I used to have tradition of going to NYC for New Year's Eve
I taught preschool for three years
I have seen (up close) a man get stabbed in the heart
I admire intelligence
I think humour is an important asset
Spelling errors jump out at me from the page
I never end a sentence with a preposition
I can still recite all the helping verbs I had to memorize in fourth grade
I never "got" math
If I had to pick one food for the rest of my life it would be cheese
I like to rock climb
I'm not a big meat eater
I greatly admired Linda McCartney
I secretly crush on Matt Lauer
James Carville is my hero
Money is not very important to me
I am a very aesthetic person
I was raped when I was 25
I am extremely organized
I clean my house every Saturday, and have done so for decades
I don't have a sweet tooth
I am very sentimental
I used to be agoraphobic
I mourn the loss of good old fashioned manners
I dislike American cars
I have a near photographic memory
I have created distinct personalities and life histories for both my cats
I find fish disgusting
I have an irrational fear of "containers" of water (i.e. fountains, swimming pools, water rides etc...)
I own engraved handcuffs
Shower tile grosses me out
I love to receive snail mail
I love opera and ballet
I collect metal snowflake ornaments
Perfect strangers will disclose personal info to me
I am easy to talk to
I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 16
I have huge feet
Earrings are the only jewelry I ever wear
I once married a man I didn't love b/c I thought I should.
I am always running late
I miss my mom like crazy
I was raised by a single mom
My handwriting sucks
I love to drive
The sound of children singing makes me cry, and I don't know why!
I don't kill bugs
My brother was electrocuted and killed
I love the smell of citrus
I love gadgets
I have an uncanny ability to remember phone numbers
I dislike wearing makeup
I am extremely hot natured
I have a horrible temper, but have acquired a zen like ability to keep it under control
I've had a life long fascination with the Amish
I love Elvis kitsch
I DO NOT camp
I've always wanted a classic car from the late 50's
There are soundtracks to my memories
I make lifelong friends
I still send thank you notes, and have taught my son to do the same
I believe in soul mates and in destiny
I am a huge advocate for the homeless
I believe we should support teen moms
I prefer to eat local, and organic
I've always taken vitamins and supplements
I don't drink water
I wish I could play an instrument (I quit flute after 2 months, piano after three lessons both when I was 10)
I like drum corps
I really dislike it when people come over without calling first
I envy people with big close families
I rarely eat ice creme
I've kept my toes painted red since I was 15
I used to do record promo displays for WEA and met too many bands and artists to name
I have a great eye for photography, but no technical knowledge
I've tutored numerous people through freshman comp
I love restaurants
I think t-shirts and soap should always be white
I believe in Karma
I like to look at houses
I can't type
Eggs and milk both gross me out
I really do like spinach
I'm obsessive about symmetry
I can find humour in almost any situation
I don't do "cute"
Life is definitely too short!