Yellow Dawg

Our city’s upcoming Mayoral election is a big topic of discussion here at work.

Yesterday, I was surprised to hear a couple of Republican co-workers discussing the merits of our leading Democratic Party candidate. They were both agreeing that she (yes, SHE!) was the best candidate and that she had their vote.

“Let me get this straight, “I said, “I know that you are both rabid hard core republicans who STILL are not over the whole Clinton thing. You love your man Bush! BOTH of them…. And yet you are going to vote Democrat?”

I could not believe this. I had many many heated political debates with each of these people over the last several years. (One, involving health care reform, had very nearly come to blows.)

Not only that, they told me, but they had friends who had switched party affiliations just to be able to facilitate her rise over her opposition in the primaries.


What does it say that their candidates are so bad they bail on their party?

What does it say about me that I would rather NOT vote, than to vote for a Republican?

C’mon. It is not like I was really big on Kerry this last big go around. Were you? I mean, did anybody really believe he could win? What were his platforms anyway, because in all honesty, I do not recall him ever really saying? But he was like family – that boring Uncle who gave you clay for Christmas. Every. Year.

And then there was Bush, all “Texas Y’all” and loud. Yee haw boys, even I must admit the political machine that is “Bush” has the personality to motivate his party. I mean, Kerry never made me laugh, but virtually the moment Dubya walked out to the podium and opened his mouth I was in stitches.

His daddy was bigger’n mine, his bank account fatter than a Kennedy’s and his brother counted the votes in a swing state. Was there ever any doubt?

I think Kerry conceded in his own mind months before the actual vote. Remember? He was all, “Pick a running mate? Why? It is not like this actually might happen…oh okay already…eenie meeny….ohnevermind, how ‘bout HIM?" And so we ended up with…um…er….yeah, I just polled seven random people in my office and they don’t remember either. ‘Nuff said.

But I love my party! I love its characters and what it stands for. I love the New Deal, and every deal they have come up with since. I love its mistakes and its successes, and yes, I even love The Hillary, herself (but not half as much as I love my Dear Geek Man Gore, may he rest in private sector peace.)

I love the Democratic Party I discovered in the early 90’s – not so organized, but as passionate as an Italian opera. My party puts its feet up on the coffee table right in front of you. Grass roots? You betcha, and grass stains too!

And therefore, yes, I would vote for an Old Yeller Dog before I would EVER vote for a Republican.