In my head right now...

I’m sad that Dana Reeves died today. I didn’t know her, but she was fighting the good fight. She was a noble person – kept going spite of the fact that life was really giving her a shitty deal.

I wonder how all the serious bloggers blog. I mean, I am never going to disclose as much as some of the others I have read. I tend to pick a topic and pontificate on it until I have said my piece. It’s not an ongoing kind of thing.

I also find it interesting to watch the self impressed 30 somethings who are taking over the world. I read their websites, their books, their blogs. They seem to know it all and to be unencumbered by the self doubt that plagued my generation.

I’ve been thinking about the Mark of a Man and what defines nobility.

I’ve been listening to a wistful sounding French girl sing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love.

And somehow all of these things tie in together and keep me up very late at the laptop.