How Much a Day Cost

Today I had lots of errands to run and I decided to keep a tally of every little expense. See, money has a way of fleeing from my life - even when I'm not intentionally out shopping.

First I dropped off Little Dog at the High School to take the SAT. (Why they have 7th graders taking the SAT is a story for another day.)

Next I went to the gym, where because I forgot my goggles, I had to buy a new pair. Luckily I was able to dig the three bucks from the depths of my coat pocket.

Less than 30 minutes out and I was down three bucks.

Then I dropped off the recycling and made $6.50. All that Pepsi I drink put me ahead by $3.50!

I further increased my day's profit by $20 for selling some CDs I had copied to my iPod. Now I am ahead by $23.50!

Picked up Little Dog, who was hungry. A Greek restaurant and some spinach pie for me, $5. Burger & fries for him, $6.

That cut into the profit a bit, but I was still feeling pretty good. That is, until Little Dog reminded me we need cat food.

$14.00 for their "prescription" food.

Now I'm down $3 again.

May as well get gas while I'm out.



I remembered, as I pulled in the drive, that we were out of milk. As Little Dog got out of the car Bob ran over to give me $50 he owed me for a desk he bought.

All right All right All right!!!

Grocery store. Hungry. Milk is at the back. Cereal on sale! Pepsi on sale! Oops, remembered we need cheese!

$87 later I head home, but not before stopping at the video store to rent 2 movies ($9).

So, all in all my day cost me....Well, I don't really even want to think about it.

Tomorrow I am going ONLY to the used bookstore to sell the latest purge of our bookshelves. I will only EARN money tomorrow.


Although, I do need to vacuum the car...and the bookstore is right down the street from the Indian smoke shop...and if Little Dog goes I can stop drop him off at the barber shop for a hair cut......