Some random thoughts...

Who the hell did Penelope Cruz piss off to get that crappy picture on the cover of Marie Claire?!

Is there ANYONE who believes the Holmes/Cruise pairing is for real? I mean, look at any freaking picture of them. There is not a single genuine emotion there. Is anyone that stupid?!

I think I want a Honda Element.

Why does a single man with no children need an SUV with a DVD player in it?

Speaking of cars, did I ever mention that I CANNOT STAND HUMMERS or the people who drive them? Seriously. I see one next to me at a stop light and I truly want to make obscene gestures to the owner. I see one on a parking lot and I want to throw large rocks through the windshield. A guy I worked with was actually looking into buying one of the "smaller" ones. I told him that we could no longer be friends if he drove such a stupid and unnecessary car. I am serious about this!

I probably need to chill a lot of the time.