Girly Girl from Out of Nowhere

I have never been a "girly girl" by any stretch of the imagination.

A bar of Dial soap, some cheap shampoo and conditioner are pretty much all that's in my beauty arsenal.

So, it is quite surprising news that I am now addicted to Bath & Body Works. Or, more specifically, the line of Tutti Dulce products that they sell.

It all started innocently enough with a trip to the mall to burn the last $20 of the Christmas gift certificates. I passed Bath & Body Works and remembered having received a pretty cool candle from there once.

That was my plan. A single pear scented candle.

Once inside, however, my senses were assaulted by colours and scents and, most importantly, very large SALE signs.

Suddenly I had become my mother and felt compelled to sniff every bar of soap; to smell every flavour of lotion; to inhale every aromatherapy offering and to check every deep discount!

But I lingered at one particular counter for a very long time. They had lotion that smelled like creme brule, lip gloss that smelled of Tiramisou, and fragrance spray that smelled of a chocolate dipped strawberry.

I was in heaven.

See, while I don't have a sweet tooth at all, I am very scent driven. The smell of a baking pie is almost orgasmic for me. I don't want to eat it, mind you. I just want to repeatedly open the oven door and stick my face in the steam while inhaling deeply.

So, here, Bath & Body was offering me the opportunity to walk around smelling like a dessert ALL DAY LONG. And not just easily baked country type desserts, but rich complicated Italian desserts!

I hardly noticed the hour and a half that passed as I sampled the whole menu offering.

I put the lip gloss on in the car and then licked my lips. IT TASTED EXACTLY LIKE IT SMELLED! Delicious! I decided right then and there I had to go back!

The next day I returned and purchased three more flavours of lip gloss, a large pot of "body souffle" in the scent of amaretto, and a bottle of fragrance that smelled of creme brule.

This was in addition to the previous day's purchases of lip gloss, Chocolate body souffle and fragrance spray of Apple Torte.

What have I become?

I have basically spent like $30 just on lip gloss...TO EAT! I am going to smell like a freakin' restaurant dessert cart! Ants will try to carry me off; flies will hover, and perfect strangers will maybe, just maybe, be compelled to try and lick me!

Ahhhh, but being a girly girl is very fickle business. I was at the bookstore in the square yesterday when I passed a store advertising a different line of girly products.

That night I bathed in vanilla ice creme scented bubbles and moisturized with cupcake scented lotion. Don't tell anybody, but the lotion had just a hint of sparkle to it.

When I went to bed I was a birthday party personified.

And I slept gooooooooood.