What the hell is wrong with people?! Where did this sense of entitlement come from?!

This Christmas season I have heard people bitch about their Christmas gifts; bitch because they had to buy Christmas gifts, and bitch because they didn't get a particular Christmas gift.

Co-workers complained loudly that the food at our firm Christmas party - catered by one of the finest restaurants in this city - was "weird" or, more bluntly, "sucked."

At the Lavish children's Christmas party the firm hosts every year I heard kids crying because they didn't get what another kid got. One child even tossed aside his video saying, "I didn't want that stupid thing."

Man, if Little Dog ever behaved that way he'd quickly find himself present-less.

In department stores people shoved and grabbed and let doors bang shut into the faces of people behind them.

In parking lots horns blared as people waited for a spot.

I have had the good fortune this year to be able to participate in a national radio show's fundraising efforts. Calls came in complaining that the recipients "weren't grateful enough," or "didn't deserve" what they received.

This same radio station station picked needy families and gave them wonderful Christmases. Calls flooded in from people claiming "they" were needier than the recipient family.

Isn't anybody happy for anybody else these days?!

One woman wrote into the message board that she had switched jobs that year and now made lower pay. Her kids really wanted an X-box for Christmas, but she couldn't afford one. Could the station pleeeeease donate one to her family so her kids would have a good Christmas?

Lady, if your kids need that X-Box to have a good Christmas then you have done something wrong.


In my opinion, if you have a computer with internet access; if you have a cell phone on which to call and complain, and if you happen to work for an employer who provides completely catered Christmas parties for it's employees and their families...then you are doing a helluva lot better than many people in this country.

Shut up!

And Merry Christmas.