Dad's Good Deed

This morning my father took my sister, myself and Little Dog out for breakfast. As we finished the meal he leaned over to me an whispered, "See that young lady behind you eating alone?"

I surrepticiously glanced around to see a young girl, about 20something, quietly eating her breakfast.

I looked back at dad and nodded.

"I can't imagine why anyone would be eating alone on Christmas morning," he said. "I want you to pick up her check from the table and tell her I'll take care of it...and tell her I said Merry Christmas."

I did as he asked and the girl thanked him profusely as he walked by. He just smiled and wished her a Merry Christmas.

It was a shining moment in my dad's usually negative outlook. His spontaneously deciding to do this - his even noticing the girl eating alone was a surprise to me.

Perhaps the Christmas spirit is not dead after all.