Nicotine's Bitch

Smoking sucks.


I am the most anti-smoking smoker in the world. Yes, I smoke. I also HATE the smell of smoke. I hate it on my clothes, my hair and in my car.

I hate that waft of smell that comes when a coworker, fresh from a smoke break, walks by.

Like I said, I smoke. But I refuse to smoke in my house and am constantly washing the windows in my car because driving is my brick wall when it comes to quitting. It is an ingrained habit to smoke when I drive. Windows down, smoking arm out.

I also refuse to use the ashtray in my car and I am not alone. I have known many smokers in my time and hardly any will use the ashtray. It's like some sort of weird denial. Personally, I usually use a soda can (Pepsi, but that's another addiction altogether.)

So, in light of recent health issues, combined with my distaste of smoking I have been trying to quit. Seriously. However I seem to be stuck at 7 cigs a day. For a couple of weeks now. I can go all day without a smoke, but on the drive home I'm gonna chain smoke about three. What's up with that?!

Yes, I am a slave to the stoopid, expensive, disgusting, health wrecking habit and I hate it.

It's like my friend DD says, "You are nicotine's BITCH!"