Brand Loyalty

So I've been shopping for a gift for my infant nephew and I realised something: I am completely a "Brand Loyal" type person.

I probably get this from all those years as I child that I grocery shopped with my mom. Need tomato sauce? Hunts is the only one that will do. Canned vegetables? That would be Del Monte. Crackers or cookies? Those Keebler elves get the job done! And on and on and on.

But the loyalty extends to the stores themselves as well. There wasn't anything we could need, aside from groceries, that my mom couldn't buy at Sears. Now, granted this was back in Brady Bunch days when Sears was THE department store. Oh how I hated bra shopping at Sears. I remember going home and ripping of all the bows and daisies the makers felt compelled to adorn young teen bras with. (The only thing that ooged me out more were the old lady bras with their cotton cone shaped cup, mile wide straps and six rows of hooks.) The one exception to the Sears rule was the once a year back-to-school shopping trip to Renbergs department store where I got exactly this:

3 pair of Levis 501s
4 oxford cloth button downs (yellow, pink, white and blue)
5 Izods (my choice of colours.)
Every other year I got either a new pair of Bass penny loafers or top siders.

The doctor who told my mom of her first pregnancy was the same one who delivered her third child 15 years later. He delivered all three children and cared for them all until adulthood. He retired in his 70's and my mom, by that time menopausal, was crushed.

Anyway, I now possess this same kind of loyalty. I have lived all over the states and somehow ended up right back in my home town to raise my own family. When in this town I have always lived within 5 miles of my childhood home. I use the same butcher shop my mom used 30 years ago.

Oh yeah, and tho I think Sears sucks and Renbergs has closed I still buy only Hunt's tomato sauce and Levis jeans.

It's just who I am.